Protecting Your Plants & Flowers from Frost & Freeze Danger


Bulb flowers like Tulips will be fine.

What’s that old saying about Indiana’s weather? It’s something like, “If you don’t like our weather, wait for five minutes and it will change.”  We can have warm, even hot weather in the early  spring as we’ve had in 2012.  Everything is blooming early and then, suddenly, we get hit with a frost and freeze warning.

So, should you be worried?  Maybe… but don’t panic!  Here’s what I recommend…

  • Bulb Flowers – They will be fine, no need to cover them up.
  • Pansies – These are hardy cool weather plants and they will be fine.
  • Flowering Shrubs – they will be fine.
  • Vegetable Seedlings – cover the soft young seedlings of vegetable plants that may have been started by seed

The general rule is that temperatures in the 30s and upper 20s will generally not be harmful to most plants.

Covering Plants

If you are still worried and in doubt, you can still cover your plants. However, I strongly recommend using a porous material such as a bed sheet. Use plastic as a last resort.  If you do use plastic, you need to remove it first thing in the morning before the sun comes up. If you don’t, the plants will heat up rapidly and may cause more damage than if you had just left them uncovered.

I hope this helps ease your mind.  And don’t forget to stop by and see us at Allisonville Nursery for all your gardening needs!

~ Jeff Gatewood



  1. Thanks for the information Jeff. Everything is so gorgeous right now it would be a shame to have it damaged by a little cold snap. I do have a question……… How is my blooming lilac going to do in this cold weather tonight? Should I cover it?

  2. You’re welcome. If the temperature in your area is expected to drop below 32-degrees, then you might cover it with a bed sheet (not plastic) and then remove tomorrow after the sun comes up. It should be fine.

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